Shoulder-Length A-Line Bob Hairstyles


The bob is a cut that's just about as classic as they come, but modern fashionistas are always finding ways to turn the classics into something trendy. A type of bob lots of divas are requesting from their stylists is the A-line, shoulder-length bob. This style is extremely versatile and easy to personalize.

The Basic Look

Unlike some types of bobs, shoulder-length bobs keep a little length to the hair. A-line simply means your bob angles down toward the front and the hair is shorter in the back. But shoulder-length A-line bobs aren't set in stone and have a variety of styles. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, blunt or soft. You also can color or part the bob any way you want.

Why They Work

Shoulder-length A-line bobs work for just about any face or hair type. The cut leaves enough length to balance most features and even out proportions. Also, the cut isn't so short that you have problems with frizz and puffiness. At the same time, the A-line approach creates a little more interest than you'd get with a straight-across bob, putting an edgier, contemporary spin on a classic style.

Hair Type

Even though a shoulder-length A-line bob works for just about any face type, you still have to pay attention to your hair type. This cut tends to look best on gals who have fine, straight hair, because this type of hair easily creates a sleek vertical line that complements the cut's vertical slope. Curly, coarse-haired ladies usually have the hardest time making the cut work.

Controlling the Drama

The degree of the slope between the front and back of your head will determine how dramatic the cut looks on you. Generally, a higher slope will create greater impact. If you want to stay a little more low-key, stick to slopes that are more gentle, but don't make them so gentle that no one notices the difference in length; that defeats the purpose of the style.


Any time you have an A-line cut, your hair will be a little trickier to put up. Depending on how dramatically you've sloped the style, you might not have enough length in the back to put it up at all, so think about whether you're going to want to switch things up with your hair regularly before you let your stylist grab his scissors. Also remember that if you want a one-length cut again, unless you want to go shorter than the back of the bob or are willing to grow the cut out, the length of the back of the bob likely will determine the length of your new cut.

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