Shoulder Length Layered Bob Haircut

Layers can take unnecessary weight out of your bob cut.

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Bobs are a classic hair style that can seriously recharge your locks. These cuts virtually never go out of fashion, simply because they can be personalized in so many ways and keep hair at a length that isn't too hard to manage. Layers give a shoulder-length version of a bob a fun spin and help suit the cut to your features.


Short hair has been in vogue at some point for thousands of years, coming back into style over and over again. In the late 1800s and the early 1900s, women generally were expected to keep their tresses longer, although they could sweep them up into amazingly complex 'dos to give them flash if they wanted. When world wars I and II hit, however, women stepped up big time and did jobs on farms and in factories that men had done before. They cut their hair short to keep it out of the way while they worked. Although ladies kept the style as a signature of their spunk and independence, lots of modern divas appreciate a little extra length in a bob, as it gives more styling options.

Why They Rock

A shoulder-length layered bob rocks in part because it helps even out the rest of your body, no matter what shape you have. The length of the hair is enough to prevent the "pinhead" effect, but not so long that your admirers' gazes are pulled downward too far away from your face. Although they're ideal for people with rounder or oval faces, they can work on anyone. Bobs have stood the style test of time, but the added layers are a funkier approach to the cut that help give you the lift and volume your hair needs.

How to Do It

How a stylist approaches a layered bob cut depends on the exact bob style you want, as you have many different types of shoulder-length bobs from which to pick. However, the general approach to cutting short layers is clean the hair, dampen it, and comb out any tangles. Once you've trimmed the hair to get rid of any damage or bring it up to a better length, one option is to divide small sections of hair. Bring out the hair of one section between two fingers so it is roughly horizontal, and then use your fingers -- held vertically -- as a guide to cutting the hair. The bottom layer of hair is the guide in this method. A quick layering method for gals on the go is to pull the hair back as if you're going to sport a ponytail. Secure it loosely with a clip or ponytail holder and pull it out to the length at which you want to have the layers. Cut off any hair that isn't between the holder and your scalp. When you take out the clip or holder, your hair will be layered shorter in back and longer in the front.


When you are picking your layered bob cut, other techniques such as highlighting or flipping the ends of your layers up can have a dramatic impact on the style. It may be better to talk with your stylist about how different hair options can pump up the cut.

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