Shoulder Length Haircuts for Thin Hair With Bangs

Scarlett Johansson wears a long, modified bob to a 2011 Hollywood appearance.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wearing thin hair at a shoulder length seems like a simple proposition. However, the wrong cut falls flat fast because thin hair has the potential of getting dragged down when you wear it in longer styles. Your mission: Create volume in your haircut and, potentially, with your bangs. Wield some new cutting and styling tools to give your thin hair movement and at least the suggestion of volume.

Long Layers

A bold, layered cut adds some width to your hairstyle so that your thin hair doesn't create stark, vertical lines down the sides of your face. Cut a long layer that hits around the base of your earlobe and angle it to match your jawline for a flattering, feminine look. You can layer your bangs as well, or trim them thinner for a wispy look. If the roots or tips of your thin hair tend toward flyaways, smooth them down with a touch of pomade.


Probably the worst name in history for a haircut, the lob does not mean you chop off your hair. It's a creative way to describe a long bob haircut, one that swings just above your shoulders. While the standard bob is serviceable for thin hair, the long bob offers more flash and drama. Muss it, tease it, backcomb it, trim your bangs with a razor -- anything to make this look more rock 'n' roll.

Side-Swept Bangs

If your thin hair refuses to respond to your cutting and styling, make your bangs the focal point instead. Wear the back of your hair shoulder-length and cut the sides slightly shorter. Part your barely-damp hair deeply to one side and, with the aid of volumizing mousse, push the hair over the top of your head. You want the pumped-up puff of hair on top that this creates because it serves as side bangs. Keep them high, over your forehead for a glam look, or push them low over one eye for scene hair.

Maintaining Your Hairstyle

Keep your shoulder-length haircut looking sharp by trimming away damage every few weeks. Between cuts, reduce damage by using a gentle shampoo. If your hair gets too weighed down by conditioner, making your hairstyle fall flat, water down your conditioner and use it sparingly, skipping your roots. Skip heavy styling products and opt for foamy mousse, spray gel and shine serum instead.

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