What Should I Wear Under a White Blouse?

Slip something cute underneath that white blouse.

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Rocking a white blouse is a classic look that suits almost any occasion. The trouble with white blouses, though, is choosing what to wear underneath them. White blouses are often sheer, which is fine unless you don't want to show off what you have underneath. A variety of stylish options can be worn under your blouse, depending on the look you're going for.

Flesh-Colored Bra

If you want to keep your goods on the down low, sport a flesh-colored bra. Although it seems to make sense that you would wear a white bra under a white shirt, you'll actually see the bra a mile away. Instead, go for a bra that is the same color of your skin and those around you will be none the wiser. The flesh-toned bra blends in with what's around it and looks seamless.

Cute Cami

Sporting a cute cami underneath your shirt gives an adorable "peek-a-boo" feel to your look. By opening a few buttons, you can show off your girls a little bit without risking going to jail for indecent exposure. Wear a flesh-colored or white cami if you want a low-key look. If you want something more daring, go with a bolder color such as black or even leopard print. Only sport this look if you don't mind seeing the colors through your shirt. You could also always leave the front of the blouse completely open to give folks a view of your cute cami.

A Lacy Number

To amp up the sex appeal of your look, slip on something lacy underneath. A lacy bra, cami, tank top or even teddy gives your shirt a whole new feel. Plus, lacy items usually give you the support you need and typically hide their lines well. For instance, you probably won't see the tops of your bra cups poking through the shirt, as the lace creates a seamless line. Leave the top few buttons of your shirt undone to allow the cute lace to show.


If you're super paranoid about anyone spotting your unmentionables, slip on a tight T-shirt under your blouse. The shirt will definitely keep what you have going on underneath under wraps. Rock a flesh-colored shirt to cut down on the amount of T-shirt folks spot.

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