How Often Should You Do Olive Oil in Your Hair for Extreme Damage and Dryness?

Olive oil can restore supple feel to damaged hair.

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Hot oil treatments give dry, coarse hair a big dose of protein-rich oil to help the follicles retain moisture. Over time, hair oaks up that moisture and breaks less often, gets less frizzy and appears shinier and healthier. While olive oil treatments increase hair health, adding too many proteins to hair can give you a dull appearance.

Olive Oil Conditioning

If you need a little boost for your mane, but don't have a lot of time, adding olive oil to your conditioner helps you get sleek, soft hair without spending hours on it. Add 2 tsp. of the oil to your regular amount of conditioner next time you shower, then leave the oil and conditioner on your mane for five full minutes. Rinse out to remove the excess oil. Do this once a week for hair health.

Time Frame

For uber-dry and damaged hair, you can hot oil as much as once a week to return much-needed moisture to your locks. If you skip a week, no worries, but do aim for weekly. The more you use the olive oil, the more moisture your hair will soak up, slowly getting healthier. Giving your mane additional moisture by deep conditioning or applying hair masks helps out too. As you nurture your hair back to softness, feel free to cut down on the frequency of treatments. Treat your mane every other week or once a month when it feels less dry. When you hot oil treat, it's best to use a clarifying shampoo once the same week to strip out protein buildup. This doesn't need to be the same day as the oil treatment.


Heat up the oil until it feels warm to the touch but not hot and definitely not bubbling. Apply the warmed olive oil to your mane, coating all the strands. Comb the oil through to distribute it from roots to ends. Then wrap your mane in a hot towel or put on a shower cap to keep the oil from dripping. Wait half an hour for the olive oil to soak in, then apply shampoo to your locks. Suds up, then hop in the shower to rinse off. Follow up with conditioner.


All the olive oil in the world won't fix dry, damaged hair if you keep doing things that super -stress your hair out. If you regularly relax or bleach your mane, you'll always be battling dryness because these chemical processes overstress hair. Consider a style change for healthier hair. Additionally, use gentle shampoos and conditioners designed to nourish hair. Blow dry and flat iron your mane only on low heat, because excess heat dries out hair.

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