How Should a Lady Wear a Stick Pin?


A stick pin is a very classy, subtle way to add some adornment to your accessories and attire. Originally worn by men centuries ago, the modern-day stick pin is reserved for women of refined taste. If you don't have one yet, look for stick pins in antique shops; it's a chic way to don a little bit of history.


Stick pins are straight pins with small, decorative tops. You put the bottom of the pin in your garment or accessory and leave the decorative part exposed. These pins have a pretty long history, dating back to the 18th century. They were once worn in the neckties or cravats of the wealthy aristocracy, and were in vogue for men up until the Victorian and Edwardian eras of European history. As jewelry wearing with men fell out of favor, stick pins started to be worn exclusively by women. In modern times, women have several options for sticking these pins in their wardrobe.


Initially, stick pins' decorative tops were made of a collection of precious stones or a simple metal ball of gold or silver. They got more intricate as time wore on, and it's possible to find antique stick pins made of ivory and carved in the shape of a variety of fanciful objects, including cameos, boats and snakes. Cheap stick pins are available made by at-home crafters with decorative beads. They're cute, but if you want to be truly chic, stick to using antique pins in your looks. A cheap-looking stick pin can make for a cheap-looking outfit.


Think of stick pins as a type of jewelry to wear with your sweaters, jackets and button-up shirts. They look divine in the lapels of boyfriend blazers and suit jackets. Feel free to leave your favorite stick pin in your favorite jacket as a signature piece. But don't forget to remove it when you take the garment to the cleaners. Or wear the pin fastened inside the folds of a cowl-neck sweater. Having a little bit of bling peak out from the folds of the garment for an interesting touch; jazz up your plain white button-up shirt by putting a decorative stick pin just above your left or right breast.

With Accessories

These little pieces of history work wonders for plain accessories like solid-colored neck scarves, men's ties and hats. Wrap a silk scarf loosely around your neck and use the stick pin to secure it in place. Or wrap a scarf, cravat style, and stick it down the front of a button-up shirt or V-neck sweater and adorn it with a stick pin. Borrow from the boys and stick your pin in the middle of a Windsor-knotted necktie. Have an old fedora hat lying around? Put your stick pin on the side of the hat in the grosgrain ribbon just above the brim.

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