What Should You Do If You Forgot to Put on Deodorant?

You've got options if you forget to deodorize in the a.m.

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If you forget your deodorant, don't freak. Stop and think for a few minutes. You've got a range of options on how to deal with this gracefully, so pick your fave and act casual. If your armpits are stinky, cleanse them with soap and water before taking action. No one needs to know, and they won't with these remedies.

Embrace It

To some, including celebs Jennie Garth and Julia Roberts, every day is an "I forgot my deodorant" day. Reasons to omit the deodorant include dislike of chemical formulas, lack of natural body odor (at least of the offensive kind) and personal preference. If you forget to lube up the 'pits one morning, experiment without deodorant and tell people you're following the latest Hollywood trend. You actually might like it.

Grab Some and Go...

As long as you're somewhere in civilization, you'll be able to find a drugstore or supermarket where you can pick up some emergency deodorant. So stop fretting and run to the store already. Pick up a travel-sized deodorant, then stock it in the purse or in your office drawer in case of emergency.

Baking Soda Remedies

With only baking soda and water, you can make a quick paste deodorant that will make sure you don't smell. Combine 1/8 tsp. of baking soda with a couple drops of water just to make a paste and rub the paste on your armpits. To prevent dribbles, lock yourself in the bathroom, strip and take care of business. Another baking soda remedy combines 1 part baking soda - 6 parts cornstarch for a dry deodorant rub.

Other Natural Remedies

While you might not be able to swipe some baking soda from the office break room, you could find a lemon slice in the break room or cafeteria. Rub the slice of citrus on your armpits to kill off smelly bacteria. If you just shaved, you might want to skip this remedy because the acid can sting shaving cuts. Another option combines rubbing alcohol and your favorite essential oil in a squirt bottle. Pour rubbing alcohol in the spritzer, add the essential oil if you have it -- if not, no worries -- and spray away.

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