How Often Should You Change False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes give your natural lashes added oomph.

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False eyelashes provide a dramatic way to add length and volume to your natural lashes and enhance the entire look of your eye makeup. Though the glamour of falsies can be addictive, they shouldn’t be overused. Wearing false lashes too often or for too long can result in lasting damage and undesirable effects.

Length of Wear

False lashes are best used for special occasions, and should only be worn for a single day. Avoid sleeping in false lashes as this can cause them to tug and pull on your natural lashes, potentially even pulling them out entirely. The more you wear false lashes, the greater your risk of damage. If you just have to have those falsies every day, at least minimize the damage by thoroughly cleansing your eyes and removing all your makeup every night.

Proper Removal

Most false lashes will simply pull away from your eyelid at the end of the night. Reduce the chance of irritating your eyelid and pulling out your natural lashes by applying an oil-based makeup remover first. A dab of remover on a cotton swab will loosen the glue at the base of the lashes and make them easier to take off. After removing the falsies, gently clean both your natural lashes and the false ones if you plan to reuse them.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautions that the adhesives used in false lashes can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction. The eyelid is very delicate and even though these products are regulated, they can still cause some problems. If you have an adverse reaction of any kind to the adhesives, contact your doctor.


For ladies who want the look of lash extensions every day without the hassle of application and removal, many salons offer permanent lash extensions. These last as long as your natural lashes, and simply fall out naturally with the original lash. This means that your extensions can last up to two months before you need to go in for another set. The drawback is that this type of extension can cost several hundred dollars, so this long-term transformation isn’t for everyone.

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