Short Weave Hairstyles for Black Round Faces

Flip the ends of your weave up to take the attention away from a round face.

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You don't need to keep your hair long just because you wear a weave. A weave adds volume and body to shorter strands too, making you feel more beautiful and confident. Hey, no girl is going to turn that down. If you are rockin' a weave and want to show off a shorter style but have a round face, the key is creating a hairdo that doesn't frame your face, which only accentuates the roundness.

Flipped Up

If you want to create a flip in your hair, you're fine as long as you don't flip the hair under. Doing this will only create a framing effect around your face, making it appear even rounder as a result. Instead, straighten over your weave hair all around your head; as you reach the end of each section, wind your straightener backward just slightly to create that flipped-up effect.


A straight style in your short weave creates a long line, elongating and slimming your face. To achieve such smooth, sleek strands, start by blow drying your hair with a round brush. Lift up gently at the roots to get some volume, then pull down when you're drying over the length of your locks to smooth the hair out. After it's dry, go over it with a flat iron, working in sections to get rid of any remaining wave. Flat iron the ends straight down to avoid creating any framing effect on your face.


Adding braids into your weave hair creates the illusion of a longer hair line, drawing the eye downward and slenderizing your face. It doesn't take a lot of time to achieve this style, because you don't have a ton of hair to deal with. Braid your hair in sections of about 1 inch each, securing the ends with small elastics or even just bits of hair glue. Adding beads to the ends of your braids creates added focus toward the ends of your hair, elongating your face even more.


With short hair -- hair that hits above your shoulders -- adding cornrows in around your head almost slenderizes your weave hair, taking the weight out of it and drawing your face in. The tightly braided sections create lines in your hair, drawing your face out instead of accentuating the round shape. Even if your weave is very short, with just a few inches of hair to work with, this style still works.

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