Short Spiky Haircuts for Fine Hair

Short, spiky cuts gives fine hair volume and shape.

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Short, spiky haircuts can maximize fine hair. The look is thicker, more volumized and more contemporary than what you might ever expect of yourself. Don't be shy about chopping hair to ultra-short lengths. Short spikes can highlight beautiful bones, a lovely neckline and infuse fine hair with tons of manageable style.


Spikes make you feel like you have a whole new texture. While you might be used to hair that falls flat or just slips out of whatever style you try, spikes change that. Your stylist can cut your hair so that the ends have a different texture than the roots -- or you can simply let the length of your hair change the feel and appearance of its texture.


Any time you remove length, you make your whole mane lighter, so fine hair can look a lot thicker after a short cut, because it isn't weighed down. If you want tight spikes, go for a pixie or crop that keeps hair by your skull and facial features. For a little more movement, try a shag with lots of skull-hugging layers of different lengths, or a bob with its classic blunt edges above the collarbone. Just spike the ends or a couple strategic places around your head.


Volume might seem like a far-off dream if you have fine hair. It isn't! Spikes give you built-in volume without having to worry about going flat if the weather changes or you try to -- gasp! -- move around a little bit. Chopping your locks definitely volumizes your hair, because of the lighter overall weight, but spikes keep your silhouette heightened. Let the texture your stylist cuts into hair do the work or add a little product.


When you go short and spiky, you still have plenty of options. Especially when you go for a shag, bob or pixie, you can swing hair over to one side or another. Try pointing spikes in one direction one day and another the next. Consider leaving portions unspiked, while other sections stay sharp and obviously styled. As long as you cut flatters your face and head shape, your style options aren't limited at all.

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