The Best Short Haircut for a Square Face & Double Chin

Side-swept bangs soften a square face.

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A haircut perfect for a square face and double chin should soften your sharp features and distract from your jawline. You don’t have to sport a super-long 'do to achieve these goals, however. Use the right short cut to accentuate your positive features, while drawing attention away from your twin chins.

General Recommendations

A square face is as long as it is wide. Usually, you have strong angles at the jaw and forehead line that may appear severe. A double chin can occur on anyone, not just plus-sized gals. The best haircuts for women with both a strong jaw line and a double chin draw attention away from this area. A concave bob that angles in toward your cheekbones, for example, softens your square features and detracts from your chin area.


Blunt cuts that end at the chin emphasize the angularity of your face and your double chin. Opt for short cuts that sit either at ear height or just below your chin. To make up for the lack of length to your hair, add height to the top of your head. This makes your face appear longer, rather than boxy, and draws attention upward – away from your chin. Keep the height soft with bouncy layers or curls, rather than spikes that emphasize your square angles.


Layers that soften around the edges of your face are best for square faces. Layers should angle in toward your face and frame your strong cheekbones. Graduated layers or razored ends are options for a short cut. If you have curly hair, let your waves shine; the curliness softens the lines of your face and draws the eye away from your chin.


Wearing side-swept bangs can help break up the angles of your face. Avoid cutting them bluntly across your forehead, as this emphasizes your square face lines. Straight-across fringed bangs, especially when paired with a middle part, also bring attention to the center of your face and your chin.

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