Short Flip-Up Hairstyles

Make your ends flip flirtatiously whenever you want a fun style.

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Rock the flip, but don’t do it seriously. Have fun with a flipped-out style and watch it work for you. Short flip-up hairstyles can be especially flirty and sassy when your overall length is pixyish. Turn the ends up when you want to lighten your look and infuse fresh style into your ‘do.


One of the best parts about hair that flips is that it doesn’t have to flip out every day. Feeling a little more sedate and refined one morning? This is a day for tame straight ends or even turned-under ends. Wake up on the wild side? That’s the day to let your hair flip out with a fun little flip at the ends. As long as your cut has layers that lift at the ends, you’ve got the versatility you need to change up your styles.

Pixie Flip

Short all over, but not so short that it can’t flip out on you when you want it to. With tousled short layers over the top, you have the choice of smooth and coifed ends or just the slightest hint of a flip. To make the pixie flip work, ask for a long pixie that will give you enough length to work with to make a hint of a flip.

Flipping the Bob

A short bob -- between the earlobes and the chin -- can be the ideal style for a subtle little flip on the ends. You don’t need major length to coax your ends into a sweet lift. With layers over the top sporting a little extra length, the cut can taper to just above the ends for a flirty flip whenever you want it.


Making a short flip happen is as short and sweet as your hair. Let it air-dry if you have time. You could also do a rough blow-dry by working your fingers through your hair with the blow dryer going until your hair is almost dry. Then grab a round brush and start flipping your ends up in flirty fashion. After your hair dries completely, finish the flip with a hot curling iron -- just enough to cement those ends in a flipped-up direction. Spritz on the hair spray to hold the flip firmly.

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