Short Cowgirl Hairstyles

Flip up the ends of your hair for a cool cowgirl style.

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You might just love emulating the country cowgirl style, or you're headed to a costume party and need your hair to fit the part now that you've got your outfit all finished up. Whatever your story, if it's a cowgirl look you want to strut your Western boots in, there are some styles you're sure to want to try. Pull your hairspray and brush out of your hip holster and get started.


Every cowgirl needs a little bit of sass -- a funky flipped-up style gives you just that. After blow drying your hair, all you need is your hair straightener. Work in sections around your head, starting at the front on one side and working around to the other side. Straighten down larger sections for a looser flip, or smaller for a more defined flipped effect. Mist over your hair with hairspray, focusing it around the ends.

Pigtail Ponytails

A pair of pigtail ponytails just screams "I'm a country cowgirl" and is definitely a style you should try if you're in the cowgirl mood. Part your hair down the center so you have two even sections of hair, one on each side. Rake the left section of hair together with your hands to about the middle of your head on the left side. Secure it with an elastic. Do the same on the other side. Flat iron over the hair in each ponytail or create curls at the ends. Slide a barrette in on each side if any short pieces are falling out loose.

Pigtail Braids

A pair of pigtail braids looks so cute with your plaid shirt and bootcut jeans -- or daisy dukes if you're showing off those gams of yours. With your short hair, it's uber-cute and creates a flirty, perky style. Divide your hair into two sections, one on each side. Secure each up into a high ponytail at about crown-level. To help keep the shorter pieces in place, slide some bobby pins in along the sides.


Every cowgirl has her days where she just needs a little bit of curl. Tight, spiral curls aren't what you need here -- go for big, loose curls instead. That means a large-barrel curling iron -- 2 or 3 inches wide -- is the styling tool of choice here. Focus the curls around the ends of your hair, working in different sized sections to keep the curls loose and natural, not overly defined and precise.

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