How Do I Get My Short Brittle Nails to Grow?

Healthy grooming routines are vital for the prevention of brittle nails.

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What do your nails say about you? While nails are a fashion statement for many women, the products used to get that magnificent mani can also dry out your nails and make them brittle. Acrylic nails can cause serious infections that make your real nails weak and brittle. Your occupation may also affect your nails, if your hands are exposed to water all day. If you desire stronger, longer, healthier nails, it is not hard to get them them to that state.


Use nail polish remover sparingly. This means that as much as you love to change the color of your nails, try to only use nail polish remover once a week. The acetone in nail polish remover can dry and weaken nails.


Soak your hands in water for 10 to 20 minutes every night, and apply a shea butter moisturizer or a quality cuticle cream before you go to sleep. Slip on a pair of beauty gloves, or even cotton socks, to make sure the lotion sinks into your nails while you're sleeping.


Cut your nails after bathing so they are soft and supple. Try not to cut your nails when they are dry because they can crack when using a nail clipper.


Keep a nail file or emery board at hand. Smooth out any cracked nails immediately to prevent snapping or further cracking.


Keep fragile or brittle nails short until they get more healthy. Brittle nails can snag or crack easily, and can end up causing further damage to the nail.


File your nails starting in the middle and keep them square. Filing edges into a curve weakens them and can lead to splitting.

Things You'll Need


1.Cuticle moisturizers

3.Cotton gloves

5.Nail file or emery board

2.Shea butter or quality moisturizer

4.Nail clipper


Tips & Tricks


Have patience when trying to grow out short, brittle nails. It takes about six months for new nails to grow out completely.


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