Short Box-Braid Hairstyles

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith wore small box braids with styled funky twists in the front.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Box braids involve a traditional braiding method that involves parting your real hair in square-like boxes, then using synthetic or human hair to create flowing braids. Synthetic hair is burned at the ends while human hair is braided halfway. While long box-braid hairstyles allow high ponytails and braids hitting the curve of your back, there are some cute hairstyles for short box braids as well.

Box and Bob

Short box braids can be worn in a classic bob style. Use synthetic hair and burn it at the end. You can part it in the front or make a swoop with the braids against your forehead to imitate a side-swept bang. Short box braids can also be worn with a low ponytail on the top while the rest of the braids fall down against your neck.

Bob and Wave

For a unique look, use a special type of synthetic braiding hair called Kanekalon hair. Unlike regular synthetic hair, hair made of a special fiber called Kanekalon turns into a wavy state when touched by hot water or curlers. For a wavy style, braid the Kanekalon hair halfway, then let the rest stay loose. Boil some water or heat it in a glass cup in the microwave. Roll your loose ends with skinny or wide plastic rollers, then place the entire rolled ends of hair in the hot water. Voila! You have the Marilyn Monroe short, curly bob in the form of braids.

Box and Bun

If you know you want to pull your box braids up in some type of style, have your box braids small and shoulder length because it makes them easier to grab and easier to style. With the right size and length, you can wear a cute, low bun or a bun midway down the back of your head. First put your braids in a tight ponytail with a rubber band or scrunchy for a secure foundation. Then wrap your braids in a circle to form a bun, securing the bun with bobby pins. Add some flare with a cute faux flower tucked into the side of the bun where it meets the head.

Bob and Pony

With small, shoulder-length box braids you can achieve cute designs in the front like twisties and sport a low ponytail in the back. To make twisties in the front, grab a few braids and secure a hair band at the base, then wrap the braids around in a circular movement, securing the twisties with bobby pins. When you have enough twisties in the front, pull the rest of your box braids back in a low ponytail. You can also use synthetic Kanekalon hair for this style and wet the ends with hot water for a cute, curly ponytail.

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