What Shoes to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress

Halle Berry wears black strappy heels with her figure flattering royal blue dress to Mohammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XVII.

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Forget red! If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for royal blue; this electric color makes a strong fashion statement and cuts through the sea of beige at any special occasion. Make sure you rock the right shoes, though; you want to make the "best dressed" list, not the "What was she thinking" list. There are a wealth of color choices that can complement this color dress, also many others that can elicit rooms full of stares in the direction of your feet . . . and not in a good way!


Silver shoes go with just about anything, and a royal blue dress is no exception. Choose closed-toed flats, pumps, or high-heeled strappy shoes in silver to go with a dress of any style. This is a particularly fitting choice for dresses with a satiny sheen or with decorative pearl, rhinestone or sparkly ribbon elements (provided these are not gold).


Clear plastic shoes are versatile when it comes to color matching, but you need to be a choosy when it comes to style. Clear shoes most often come in strappy sandal shoes that look best with light, summery blue dresses or evening wear that shows some skin. Closed-toed clear shoes exist, but they're a bit on the outrageous side and may distract from your dress or complement it poorly.


A beige or light brown shoe complements a blue dres, especially many of the more casual styles.Generally, avoid dark browns, though. These more casual shoe styles complement a less formal dress, while many casual brown shoes are good for all-day wear. Look for faux or real leather brown shoes, especially suede. With many casual blue dresses, you can even make the bold choice of wearing tall boots.


It may not be the most exciting choice, but it's almost always safe to go with black shoes. This will usually draw attention away from your feet. To make this pairing a little more interesting, wear some black shoes with height and an interesting shape. This may be an opportunity to try out that pair of sparkly, strappy shoes you've been waiting to show off.


Blue dress and blue shoes seem like a match? Maybe, but only if the colors either line up precisely, or are starkly different, complementary shades of blue. Also, if you go for a totally matched color pairing, make sure to wear a prominent piece of something non-blue, like big jewelry, a belt or a scarf. Otherwise, you'll be a monochromatic wonder.


White shoes can be something of a gamble with a royal blue dress; they might look sporty and cute, or look like an unwanted, clashing distraction. It depends, much of the time, on the particular dress and shoes. Casual, matte sheen dresses can often look good with pristine tennis shoe--style dress shoes or round Mary Janes. This color scheme is good for an innocent, girly style, so if the shoe/dress combo doesn't seem to fit with that, you may want to reconsider it.

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