What Shirts Look Really Cute on a Brunette?

A crisp white blouse accentuates brown hair and flatters your complexion.

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Blondes aren't the only ones having fun! Brunettes can pull off almost any colored top with ease and sophistication. Unlike natural blondes and redheads, brunettes are not necessarily light-skinned, meaning that more colors and styles may look good on you. When digging through your closet for a cute top to wear, consider your skin tone, the shade of your brown hair and the look you want to achieve. Keep things simple and professional in a white button-down blouse or live a little in a bold red top.

Basic Blouse

If you work in a corporate office, chances are you have to dress professionally for work. Lucky for brunettes, a basic, button-down blouse is a flattering option. To highlight your brown locks, wear a white blouse rather than a dark or black one. While black is a neural shade that pairs well with other colors, wearing black too close to your face can detract from your hair's already dark tone. A white blouse draws the eye toward your face and helps your hair color pop. Pair your blouse with a black or gray pencil skirt, throw on a pair of pumps, and you are ready to get to work.

V-Neck Top

A V-neck top is flattering on most body shapes, so regardless of yours, pulling off this style is a breeze. While some styles of black-colored tops can wash out your hair and complexion, you won't have this problem with a V-neck top; it leaves enough space between the face and the chest so the black doesn't overshadow your hair. Or try going bold in a deep red or turquoise color. These two shades really accentuate brown hair and draw attention to you. Pair one with skinny jeans in the winter or shorts in the summer.

Silk Tops

Silk is a luxurious fabric for any body type or hair color, brunettes included. Whether you are dressing up for a work engagement or heading out for a night of dancing with the girls, a simple silk top fits the bill. Pair it with your favorite skinny jeans for a casual look or throw on funky heels to add some glam to your ensemble. If you opt for jewelry, stick to silver necklaces and earrings -- they flatter your brunette hair better than gold.

Pastels and Brights

While brunettes can pull off a variety of tops, color does make a difference in how much you stand out in a crowd. Pastels shouldn't necessarily be avoided, but they don't truly flatter your hair and complexion the way they do on fair-complexioned blondes and redheads. The last thing you want is to detract from your natural gifts, so don't be afraid to experiment with bold-colored tops. Red, turquoise and cobalt blue are three shades that show off and complement your luscious locks.

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