What Shirt Should I Wear With a Skinny Tie?

Pair a skinny tie with a tank top for a sassy look.

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Skinny ties are in, and not just for the guys. In the same way that we ladies have taken boyfriend jeans, boxer shorts, sports jerseys and camouflage pants from gentlemanly to feminine with our own sassy spin, skinny ties can be every bit as sexy and feminine as fishnet stockings. The trick is wearing the ties well. A huge part of that is pairing skinny ties with shirts that don't make you look like a girl who's raided a man's closet. With the right shirt, you'll emphasize your best assets -- the curves that'll keep any man's attention.

Button-Down, Collared Shirts

For a classy, fashion-forward and office-appropriate look, pair a skinny tie with a white or solid-colored button-down shirt. Choose the shirt with care -- don't wear a skinny tie with a shirt sporting a wide, thick collar. The collar should be of medium width at most, though you're even better off with thin-collared shirts featuring a girly ruffly or frilly collar. Likewise, don't even try to pull the look off with a boxy, shapeless man-shirt. Pick one that is form-fitting but not skin-tight. Leave the top button undone -- two, if you're feeling kicky -- and knot the tie loosely, aiming to have it hit just below your collarbone. Worn with sleek, boot-cut slacks and high heels, you'll be an alluring combination of masculine, feminine and sexy.

Fitted Blouses

Skinny ties make an eye-catching accessory for smooth, collarless, curve-hugging blouses. For a casual lunch with friends or an afternoon out and about shopping or sightseeing, wear a skinny tie like you would an attention-getting necklace: with a solid or neutral-colored fitted blouse, form-fitting flared trousers or jeans, and strappy, heeled sandals. Skinny ties with gorgeously vintage stripes or small-check patterns are a great pick for pairing with fitted blouses. Just be sure that the blouse's color jives with the colors on the tie, for a pulled-together appearance.

Tank Top

Take the skinny tie look from elegant to flirty and edgy by wearing it over a well-cut tank top. Pretty much any fabric will work, from plain cottons to silk, but save your tanks with spaghetti straps or cropped bottoms that display your stomach for another outfit. Pair the tank top and skinny tie with jeans, a wide belt, and flats or sneakers, for a casual but hip combo. To quickly dress this outfit up, throw on a blazer jacket with narrow lapels that are no wider than the tie's width.


Skinny ties are a must-have when it comes to a modern preppy look. If that's your thing, you can't go wrong with the sexy-Japanese-schoolgirl pairing of skinny tie, vest and mini-pleated skirt. Wear it with or without a shirt beneath the vest and with or without those knee-high socks that manga and anime turned from kooky to cool seemingly overnight. You can swap out the skirt for slacks, but pick a pair that flatters your curves -- boot-cut or flared trousers are good choices -- or you'll end up looking more like a Japanese schoolboy.

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