Sharp Tapered Haircuts for Long Hair

Tapered ends take out weight and tone down frizz in your tresses.

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A sharp, tapered -- or razor -- cut creates a lot of emphasis and drama, but you've got that rockin' confidence to go along with it, so you can work this chic 'do, no problem. Even if you have longer hair, you can keep a shorter, tapered length at the back and have angled sides with the right cut. Whether you focus on the tapered ends higher up at the back of your head or all around, tapered tresses are hot.


The basic triangle-shaped haircut -- always trendy and chic -- is formed with a tapered back and longer sides. It's typically used in bob cuts to create lift and volume at the crown, but it works on longer lengths too. As long as your hair is tapered to a point in the center at the back, with longer pieces from the ear forward, you achieve that eye-catching triangular shape.


An asymmetrical cut uses purposely off-balance angles to create a very bold, dramatic look. To achieve this quirky look, one side is left shorter and one length, and the opposite side is sharply cut at a downward angle, with the longest pieces at the front. Let your stylist take on this cut; it requires precision only a trained stylist can provide -- otherwise it will just look like your scissors were a bit dull when you started cutting!


A choppy, tapered cut creates a lot of texture in your tresses, using thick, spaced-out layers all around your hair that build lots of volume and body. To achieve this stylish cut, a razor cutting utensil is used around the ends of the hair to take away weight and bulk, thinning out the ends and creating a flattering shape in long locks. This prevents a ton of bulk from settling at the ends of your hair. It also tones down frizz and cuts down on drying time.


With such a precise, deliberate cut, maintenance is everything. Even a small amount of growth can throw the whole cut out of whack, leaving you with a sloppy look instead of stylish one. See your stylist once every four to six weeks to properly maintain the shape of your cut.

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