How to Shape Eyebrows to Make Eyes Look Bigger

The shape of your brows can make your eyes look bigger.

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Your eyes need eyebrows to set them off and make them pop. If you want to give your eyes more drama and a little oomph, start with your eyebrows. When you shape eyebrows just so, you can make your eyes look bigger. It’s all about the arch when it comes to having major peepers.

Size Your Brows Right

When you’re trying to make your eyes look bigger, stay away from the biggest, boldest brows. Although these thick eyebrows can be showstoppers in some cases, they don’t work for smaller eyes because they overpower them. Instead, open up the area between the bottom of your brows and your eyes by tweezing and shaping. This gives an instant illusion of size to your eyes.

The Space Between

Make sure your eyebrows start at the most flattering point. Too close and you risk that dreaded uni-brow effect. Too far apart and your brows won’t look natural. Hold a pencil vertically against the side of the bridge of your nose. Where the pencil hits your brow bone is the point your brows should begin.

Set the Arch

The position of the arch is the single most important point for making a major impact with your eyes. Make your brows start to arch precisely over the outer point of your iris when you’re looking straight ahead. You don’t need a crazy-high arch to make your eyes pop, though. Keep your brows natural looking with gentle plucking along the bottom edge of your brows.

The Outside Point

The last part of shaping is determining the outside point of your brows -- this makes the overall length of your eyebrows. Take that same eyebrow pencil and position it diagonally across your face from your nostril to the outside point of your eye. Where the pencil hits on your eyebrow is where the eyebrow should end.


Groom your eyebrows regularly to tame and smooth them. Use clear brow gel for added control. Brush on the gel with an eyebrow brush to give your brows that well-groomed and styled look.

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