Shampoos That Won't Leave My Hair Oily

Get your hair looking gorgeous, not greasy, with the right shampoo.

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The purpose of washing your hair is to get it clean, right? So it can be a bit frustrating when you shampoo your 'do and it's left looking oily. And if you already have oily hair, well, you might as well put on a hat and call it a day. But if you use the right shampoos, you not only can get your hair looking fresh, but you can reduce the amount of oil your scalp produces, leaving you with lovely-looking hair everyday.

The Reason for the Oil

So maybe you thought all shampoos are the same and will give you the results you want. If so, you need to think again. Your hair may look oily after your shower because it's not formulated for your hair type. It could also look that way if you aren't rinsing the suds completely out of your mane. And your hair may look greasy because your scalp is producing too much oil, which can give you a slicked appearance even after you wash it.

The Right Shampoo

Before you get your next wash on, you'll need to visit the store to pick the right product. You'll need a shampoo that is uber cleansing and won't leave behind any residue. "Seventeen" magazine suggests using V05 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Breeze Clarifying shampoo on your tresses; however, any clarifying shampoo would likely work to resolve this problem. This type of shampoo is light and works great at getting rid of extra oil that is weighing you down. And it won't stick around and leave its calling card on your hair, provided you rinse it out thoroughly.

The Technique

It takes more than the right shampoo to get your coif clean -- you've got to know how to work it, as well. For starters, try not to wash your hair everyday. Shampoo strips the oil out of your hair, which causes it to produce more. If you only wash every other day; however, it balances things out and often nixes the grease issue. And when you wash, concentrate more on your scalp than the ends, particularly if they are dry. Additionally, only put conditioner on the lower half of your hair -- conditioner near your scalp can cause it to look even more greasy.

Nixing An Oily Scalp

You can thank dear old mom and dad for your oily scalp, if you've got one. Genetics play a big role in the amount of oil your head produces. And although you can't do much about that, you can try to halt it a bit. First, lay off the scalp massages. Rubbing your fingers on your scalp excites those oil glands and they get a bit out of hand with their production. Additionally, rubbing your head with a scalp scrub once a week can nix material there that can cause your hair to take on that greasy appearance.

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