Shampoos for Oily, Color-Treated Hair

Protect your colored hair from UV rays with special shampoo.

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Oily hair needs extra washing, but that can spell the end for color in dyed hair. If your colored hair is prone to unwanted gleam, don't be afraid to shampoo it -- as long as you use shampoos for color-treated hair. From shampoos that require no water to suds that contain hair dye, you're bound to find a shampoo that will keep your hair clean and your color fresh.

Keep It Dry

Over-washing is colored hair's worst nightmare, as the chemicals from your shower head -- not to mention all that sudsing -- strips the color out of your hair. Even a simple rinse can fade color. Reduce in-shower shampooing to two or three times a week to maintain color. To cut down on grease between washings, spray dry shampoo on your locks. Dry shampoo will suck up your hair's oils, getting rid of that dirty sheen -- and smell -- while adding enviable volume.

Act Nice and Gentle

You may love a sudsy shampoo, but the sulfates that create those suds drive the color right out of your hair. Skip those harsh chemicals in favor of a sulfate-free shampoo. It won't give you quite the sudsy experience of other shampoos (though some provide a few suds) this kind of shampoo will minimize color drain -- and it's good for the environment, too. Next time your hair takes on its oily sheen, you'll feel better knowing that your shampoo isn't draining the life out of your hair color, even if you have to use it every other day.

Lock In Color

If you don't follow your shampoo with a color-protecting conditioner -- or even if you do -- look for a shampoo designed for dyed hair. Shampoos for colored hair keep your hair shafts closed, which prevents the color from streaming out. They also -- usually -- contain filters that protect your hair from UV rays that fade your color.

Revitalize Your Color

Some shampoos deposit color every time you use them. Though these color-depositing shampoos tend to dry out most locks, your oily scalp and strands can tolerate them better than others. Though the color these shampoos deposit is not exactly the same as your dye choice, they'll add just a hint of your general shade to spice up your hair color -- and they'll help your roots blend in, too.

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