Shampoos That Make Hair Smell Good

Fall in love with a shampoo that has an irresistible scent.

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As you stroll through the office the smell of your freshly washed hair--a tropical scent mingled with a hint of citrus--lingers in your wake. Everyone knows that you're the girl with tropically fragrant hair. Shampoo labels reveal alluring scents and enticing fragrances from herbal to fruity. No teasing. However, while hair that smells good gives you the sense that it's squeaky clean, shampoo fragrances are a mixed bag. A tutti-fruiti smell may be heavenly to you, but after one whiff, the girl one cubicle over is reaching for a cubicle clip. Take heart. There are aisles chock-full of good-smelling shampoos that'll satisfy even the most perfume-sensitive girl.


If you love herbal aromas and a good color, L'Oreal's EverPure Shampoo line exhilarates your senses with aromatic herbs such as rosemary and juniper. Most shampoos contain sulfates that rob hair of its natural oils and fade color. L'Oreal's color-preserving formulas are sulfate-free and won't strip or dull color, keeping your glossy salon color vibrant. This L'Oreal line comes in three formulas--moisture, smooth and volume. Just the name, "Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint Invigorating Clean Shampoo," pretty much says it all. This product is a 2010 "Allure" Best of Beauty winner and the affordable go-to shampoo for girls with an oily scalp. This hair product puts the kibosh on oil. While "Self" magazine describes this Suave product "like java for your scalp," girls will find its herbal scent energizing.


If you stop to smell the roses, and all the other flowers, you may prefer a floral shampoo. Shu Uemura's Moisture Velvet Shampoo garnered approval by "InStyle" magazine as one of "The Five Best-Smelling Shampoos Right Now." Formulated with camellia oil, this clear shampoo has spa-worthy lather that moisturizes dry and chemically-treated or damaged hair. Its camellia scent is similar to honeysuckle, although sweeter. The camellia oil, traditionally used by geisha, rapidly absorbs oil to soften and smooth hair fibers. Recommended for daily use, this product leaves behind a velvety hair texture and a delicate floral scent.


For a shampoo with a fresh-picked apple scent, "Real Simple" magazine suggests Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo. As a moisturizing and strengthening shampoo, this formula removes pollutants and oil. The thick, white cream nourishes and fortifies hair with avocado and other fruit oils. Looking for a sulfate-free fruity 'poo? Organix Energizing Passion Fruit Guava Shampoo has a fruity bubble-gum fragrance, says "Allure" magazine. The organic passion fruit and guava hydrate your hair and infuse strands with antioxidants (and tons of fruitilicious lather). The citrusy-infused honey awakens your hair with luster and silky-soft strands.


OK, so you can't afford a trip to Tahiti. What about an expensive shampoo with a tropical fragrance? Get the best of both and have money left over for one or two piña coladas. Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Shampoo is a budgetista's dream. This wallet-friendly shampoo has coconut extract and silk proteins to moisturize and replenish dry and damaged hair. The best part of this 'poo is that you'll want to smell your own hair all day, thanks to its long-lasting coconut fragrance. A pricier product, Oribe Hair Care Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine is coveted by A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez. This luxurious, moisturizing shampoo gives hair a mirror-like luster for women who want bang-on shine. Ingredients such as amber, lychee and coconut protect hair from the elements, condition and strengthen strands, while imparting an oh-so-tropical-paradise fragrance.

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