Shampoo That Is Actually Good for Your Hair

Harsh chemicals in shampoo can damage your hair, so steer clear of sodium lauryl sulfate and choose a vitamin-packed formula.

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Many of us wash our hair every day. The chemicals in most drugstore shampoos can be drying and damaging, leaving hair weighed down, limp and prone to breakage. Although it's recommended by many stylists and beauty magazines to cut down on washing, what if we can't? Some women have oily hair and others just like the clean sensation of hair that has just been washed. If you're shampooing every day, it's important to find a shampoo that's actually good for your hair and will hydrate and repair damage.

Choose A Shampoo Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent that's used in most shampoos because it's an excellent cleanser and is easily rinsed from hair, but just because it's included in most shampoos doesn't mean it's actually good for you. Dr. Zoe D. Draelos of the Department of Dermatology at Duke University says that lauryl sulfates, including triethanolamine lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate, are hard on hair, making the added step of conditioning necessary. Lauryl sulfates are also a common source of skin allergens, strip color from your hair and can lead to a dry, itchy scalp. Although this ingredient is common, there are many shampoos that don't contain it. Just check the ingredient list before buying.

Vitamin Enriched Shampoos Strengthen and Repair Hair

Thick, healthy hair is highly dependent on vitamins, so if you're looking for a shampoo, pick one that's vitamin enriched. It won't be as effective as consuming the vitamins on your own, but it will have a more instant effect. If you frequently shampoo, you want a cleanser that's gentle and will condition instead of damage. According to Real Simple, vitamin B is not only an excellent conditioner that leaves your hair soft and shiny, but also it's also a gentle cleanser. As an added bonus, vitamin B has been linked to slowing down the process of graying.

Shampoos with Natural Oils Soften and Repair Dry Hair

Sleek, shiny locks are hard to attain if your hair is dry and prone to breakage. Shampoos often have ingredients that promote the kind of dryness that leads to breakage and fly aways, but if you purchase a shampoo with natural oils, it actually will help your hair instead of hurt it. Oils like olive oil or avocado oil are easily infused in shampoo and hydrate dry strands, making them stronger, softer and shinier. To get this kind of shampoo, just check the ingredient list.

Dry Shampoo Causes Less Damage

If you're worried about the damaging effects of a regular shampoo, you might want to consider dry shampoo. This type of shampoo is good for your hair for a few reasons. Not only does it lift dirt and oil from your scalp, but it also helps soften your hair without the same harsh chemicals as regular shampoo. If you use dry shampoo in-between regular washes, you'll be able to shampoo less in the shower, meaning you'll cut down on your exposure to harsh chemicals that dry and damage hair.

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