Sexy & Sassy Hair Cuts

A sexy and sassy haircut can make a bold statement.

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Make a statement with your hair. Sport a haircut done by a professional that gives a sultry and fiesty appeal. Hair is an accessory just like jewelry or shoes, so be stylish in the way you present it.. Be bold and wear a punk rock crop, shaggy bob, voluminuous shag or layered haircut. A sexy and sassy cut will send out a strong message. It says there is a confident diva in you.

Punk Rock Crop

Give a crop haircut some punk rock style. A crop is cut short on the sides, back and nape of the neck. The hair on top is left longer so it can be curled, straightened or spiked. Apply styling gel onto wet hair and blow dry. Smooth down the hair on the sides and back of the head with a paddle brush (flat back). Curl the hair on top of the head with a medium sized barrel curling iron. Take small sections of the hair and roll it upward with the iron creating a slight bend at the tip. Use the fingers to grab the ends and pull upward for a spikey effect. Take a walk on the wild side with a bit of sexy and fiesty in one hairdo.

Shaggy Bob

Get two haircuts in one style with a shaggy bob. The bob is cut first. It is cut straight or layered around the head. To create the shaggy effect, a stylist will cut the hair above the shoulders and razor the ends from the back to the front of the head at a slight angle. A bang is razor cut also. Use the fingers to tousle the ends for a piecey look. Brush that bang to the side slightly covering one eye for a sassy vibe. It's all out sexy with this hairstyle.

Voluminous Shag

Take fullness to new heights with a voluminous shag. A professional will cut the hair in layers with a razor above the shoulders or at the jawline to create this shag hairstyle. Apply volumizing spray onto damp hair concentrating on the roots and blow dry. Take 2-inch sections of the hair and clamp it with a curling iron that is a half inch in barrel size. Bend each piece of hair under with the iron. Use the fingers to push hair up at the root and tousle the ends for a piecey effect. Voluminous hair gives instant sass and sex appeal.


Let long hair look luscious with a layered haircut. Long hair cut in different lengths adds more body and hold curls longer. Strands can be cut shorter toward the face to soften the features. Blow dry the hair and curl with a large barrel sized curling iron to create loose waves. Place the iron on a small section of the hair and roll the iron downward. Once the entire head is curled, apply styling cream to the strands for extra hold. Use a round brush to gently smooth out the curls and create a wavy effect. Step out for a night of fun looking confident and sultry.

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