How to Sew Sequins on a Dress

Add sequins to brighten up a plain dress.

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Sometimes you find the perfectly shaped dress, but it lacks a certain "wow" factor. If the dress is for a special occasion, add some sequins for sparkle and shine. Create a sequined design on the surface of the bodice or place individual sequins randomly over the surface of the skirt. Adding sequins to a garment takes a little time and concentration, but the results make it look like an expensive, handmade designer piece.


Trace or draw a design on the dress with a fabric marking pencil to use as a guide for the sequins. Draw lines, swirls, leaves or any design that goes with the feeling of the dress design.


Thread a very thin needle and tie a knot in one end of the thread. Push the needle through the dress from the back of the fabric to the front. Make the point come out right on the line you drew.


Thread the needle through the hole in the middle of one sequin. Keep the sequin right side up by facing the cup-shaped side up.


Slide the needle through the hole in a seed bead. Push the needle back through the same hole in the middle of the sequin and back down through the fabric. Stitch down as close to where the thread came up as possible.


Pull the thread taut to secure the sequin and seed bead. Place the next sequin on the next desired spot on the marked line and stitch through the fabric and up through the hole in the sequin. Add a seed bead to this sequin to hold it in place.


Continue placing sequins and seed beads until your design is finished.

Things You'll Need


1.Fabric marking pencil

3.Seed beads



4.Thin needle


Tips & Tricks


Match the sequins, seed beads and thread to the dress fabric for the most professional look.

Remove any remaining pencil lines with a soft child's toothbrush after you are through.


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