How to Do a Sew-In Hair Weave if You Have Bald Spots

You can sew in a full weave even if you have bald spots.

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A woman’s hair can transform her attitude, shape her personality and unleash her inner diva. But for those with bald spots, achieving the hairstyle of your dreams may seem unattainable. Fortunately, there are techniques that you can use to install a sew-in weave even if you have bald spots. Sewing a weave into hair that is gaping can be difficult, but with a little patience, a positive attitude and a few tools, you can transform your look in a matter of hours.


Start out with a clean head of hair. Decide how you want your hair styled and part your hair accordingly. Be sure to leave out enough hair to cover the hair extensions around the perimeter and crown of your head. If you have bald spots in either one of these areas, it’s best to opt for a full sew-in, as it may be hard to cover the extensions.


Create several vertical cornrows from ear to ear using bulk braiding hair extensions as reinforcement for thinning areas. Thread your weaving needle and use it to sew the loose ends of the cornrows to the braid itself. Complete this process for each cornrow.


Grab your weaving net. A weaving net allows you to sew weave into balding areas by allowing you to attach the weave directly to the net, which lies over the bald spots.


Lay the net on top of your braids. Using your weaving needle, secure the net to your braids by sewing it down around your entire perimeter. If you’re leaving out hair to cover your tracks, only attach the net to the area of your hair where the bald spots are present.


Grab your weave and your weaving needle. Starting at the nape of your neck and lay the track over the bottom of the net or on the last braid. Measure the amount of hair needed to cover that row and cut off the excess hair.


Insert the needle through the weft on the track, and then through the braid. This is called a basic stitch method. Repeat this process across the entire extension while looping it several times on the ends to secure it properly. Once you reach the end of the weft, make a knot in the thread and cut off the excess to secure the track in place.


Continue this procedure of sewing the hair onto the weaving net until you’ve completed your entire head. Once you’re done, style your hair as you like.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair extensions

3.Weaving needle and thread



2.Bulk braiding hair extensions

4.Weaving net

6.Hair clips


Tips & Tricks


Use a weaving thread that is the same color as your weave; it will make your hair extensions less noticeable.


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