How to Sew a Dart in a Bra

A cute bra like this can be altered with a simple-to-execute dart.

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You're used to getting alterations for dresses and pants, but they can also be performed on your favorite unmentionables -- such as bras. This is great news for girls who have found the most adorably perfect bra but it's just slightly big in the cups. Or perhaps you've lost some weight but don't want to get rid of all of your favorites. If this is the case, you can place a small dart in the cups to make your bra fit better. All you need is to know how to measure and work a sewing machine.


Put on your bra and stand in the mirror to get the best view of what needs to be altered.


On the outside of the cup near your armpit, pinch the excess fabric that needs to be taken in and secure it with a straight pin or two. Carefully take off your bra so as not to move the pin or poke yourself (ouch).


On the inside of your bra, make two marks with a pencil where you placed the pin, one mark on either side of the pin. Remove the pins -- you should now have two pencil marks about an inch or so apart, depending on the size of your dart.


Make another mark with your pencil at the exact center of your bra cup. This will be the point of your dart. Connect the two marks on the outer edge of your cup with the dot marking in the center. You should now have a shape drawn that resembles a slice or triangle.


Measure where all of your marks and lines are placed and mirror them onto the other cup.


On one of the cups, pinch the wide end of the triangle and pin into place. Pinch all along the length of the pencil lines, gradually reducing the amount of fabric that you pin. When you reach the center point, you should be pinching almost nothing.


Beginning at the outer edge of your bra, sew along the length of the pinned section, following the pencil line. Remove pins and repeat on the other side.


Set your iron on a low-heat setting and press the new darts so the extra fabric faces downward. If you'd like, you can also hand-sew the edge of the dart along the outside of your cup to keep it flat and secure.

Things You'll Need


1.Sewing machine


5.Hand-sewing needle

2.Straight pins

4.Tape measure or ruler

6.Thread to match your bra color


Tips & Tricks


This tutorial only works for bras without underwires. If your bra has an underwire, you will need to pinch and fold under the excess fabric instead of darting it.


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