How to Sew in a Closure for My Weaves

Sew in a closure to complete your full weave.

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If you want to add length and body to your hair, but you do not want to deal with the hassle of blending your natural hair with your weave, then using the full sew-in method is your best bet. A full sew-in requires that you make a closure to cover the wefts of your tracks that would have been covered by your natural hair. Making a closure is relatively easy and can be done with a few tools and a little patience.


Start by sewing the hair extensions onto your head in a circular motion until there is a nickel-sized circle left at the crown of your head.


Thread your weaving needle and set it aside. Grab your hair extensions and cut a two-inch wide section of hair. Roll the weft of the track into a circle.


Grab your needle and insert it through one end of the rolled weft, through the middle and out the other end. Reverse the direction of the needle and insert it through the other end of the rolled weft, through the middle and through the other end. Repeat this procedure two to three more times to ensure that the weft won’t unravel. Do not cut the thread, yet.


Push the bottom of the weft inward, while fanning out the circle. Comb all the hair around in a circle. Use your flat irons to flatten the weft into a closure.


Place the closure in the nickel-sized area on the crown of your head. Insert the weaving needle through the exposed cornrow and begin to sew the weave onto the braid in a circular motion using the basic stitch method.


Continue this method all the way around the closure. At the end of the circle, wrap the thread around the needle twice and pull it through the braid to create a knot. Cut off the excess thread.


Comb all the hair on the closure around in a circular motion to ensure that no wefts are exposed. Grab your styling products and style your weave accordingly.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair extension

3.Weaving needle



4.Weaving thread


Tips & Tricks


For an undetectable weave, use a thread color the same color as your hair extensions.


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