Scrunched Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Scrunch your hair for touchable, textured locks.

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Scrunched hairstyles are a low-tech way to get textured tresses without all the hassle of heat styling and fussy tools. With the right product raked through your hair, you can have an easy-going, sexy look with a minimum of time and effort. Scrunched styles work great on medium-length hair because it's long enough to really reveal the texture but short enough to hold it all day without getting weighed down.

Weightless Curls

If your hair is thin and curly, you need frizz control. Start with shampoo and conditioner formulated for curly hair. Flip your head upside down and scrunch your hair gently with a towel -- don't rub it into a frizzy mess. Flip your head right-side-up and separate a few strands of hair to curl around your finger for definition. Let your hair air dry the rest of the way and spray it lightly with hair spray. If you need more frizz control, use a silicone-free pomade or leave-in conditioner sparingly while you hair is still damp.

Natural Waves

Intensify natural waves with a curl-enhancing shampoo. Mix a small amount of styling gel into a dollop of leave-in conditioner in your hands. Work it gently through your hair, then scrunch it into a loose pile on top of your head. Secure the scrunched ball with some small hair clips and leave it for 10 minutes. Release the hair and let it air dry untouched for romantic waves with almost no effort.

Rocker Glam

Even if you aren't blessed with natural curl, you can still get those sexy rocker waves you crave. Apply dry shampoo to your roots for volume. Then rake a bit of texturizing product through your tresses and flip your head upside down. Spray some gel into your locks as your scrunch them with your hands. Flip your head back up and you're done. Remember to go easy on the products or your hair will be too weighed down to hold the sexy texture.

Simply Scrunched

This is the simplest scrunched style of all and it lets you work with whatever amount of wave you have -- or don't have. Smooth a mixture of equal parts hair gel and leave-in conditioner through towel-dried hair. Remember to blot your hair, not rub. Scrunch your hair with your fingers, but avoid the roots if you have lots of natural curl. Start your scrunching a few inches below the roots to help the top lie flatter. Air dry without touching to minimize frizz.

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