Scruffy, Shaggy Hairstyles for Short, Curly Hair

A short, shaggy cut is very urban when left scruffy.

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Scruffy hairstyles are all the rage in the 21st century. The shaggy look adds to your uncomplicated natural attitude and is actually quite easy to care for. You may want a body perm to help pull off the look without piling on the products if your hair is naturally thin or fine. With thick hair, on the other hand, you might need a little thinning so the short cut doesn’t come off looking like a hair helmet.


A bob is a cut that’s even along the bottom but leaves plenty of room for shaggy layering throughout the top layers. Let your curly hair grow to just above your shoulders and then cut uneven layers throughout. Forget about bangs when you’ve got a shaggy, curly cut and instead wear a side part that gives you a lift on the top. The even length around the bottom of your style gives you some bounce, while the layers add body to your hair without weighing it down.


Go for a pixie cut with an attitude by cutting short layers on top. Use gel to create spikes and let the hair on the sides of your face grow to a shaggy point. When you’re feeling really brave, spike the hair all over your head, using your fingers to make yourself as scruffy as you can. With a haircut short enough to spike, you can pass for a street person scruff -- even though your new outfit may be a giveaway that you’re not.


Layering shaggy hair guarantees you’ll be able to pull of the scruffy look with little effort. Cut layers in uneven lengths so your hair will flip out in odd places. The unconventional layered look is very urban and worn by the younger, rebellious set as well as the most fashionable. Layers also are a good way to thin out your curly hair if it’s particularly thick. It’s tough to be shaggy when your short, thick curls consistently return to their bubble shape.

The Shag

Use a blunt style of cutting your hair to turn the shag of the 1970s into a 21st century 'do. The shag was a popular cut that relied on multiple layers to create its shaggy namesake. Stay away from razor cuts on the ends because they tend to make the hairs wispy. You’re better off using scissors for each layer and cutting points in the ends to make them even shaggier. The shag starts out with a very short crop on the top that should reduce the amount of curl up there. Each subsequent layer is nearly as short as the top. Blow-dry your hair when it’s wet to reduce the amount of curl throughout your head. Finally, let longer wisps of curls hang down your neck for the finishing touch.

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