Scissor Techniques for the Hair

Scissoring techniques allow stylists to create gorgeous coiffures.

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Fabulous haircuts can't come to life without scissors. Hair stylists use a variety of techniques to create a head-turning haircut that will leave a client smiling. A bit of skill, precision and the right technique create the recipe for hair bliss.


To create subtle, face-framing layers that soften facial features and the lines of a haircut, splicing is the go-to technique for many stylists. This technique is often used on wet hair; with the hands facing down, the stylist holds the shears in a slightly open position. The key point in splicing is that the shears are not closed completely. They are left half open while the stylist goes to work carving out elegant, soft lines.

Point Cutting

For a fabulous haircut to lie right and look proportionate, removing bulk from specific areas of a haircut may be necessary. For super-straight or thick hair, a little texturizing and bulk-zapping action is in order. Point cutting involves making short cuts in the ends of a section of hair to remove bulk and add a bit of texture. This popular technique is used on bangs, layers and the perimeter of a haircut.


Advanced stylists can use their shears to create volume within a haircut. This technique is done so quickly that you may not even notice it when your stylist does it. Wet hair is required or the hair could be damaged, and it probably won't feel so good. Texturizing is often done in the crown section of the hair. This wondrous little technique can place volume where there is none by creating shorter pieces of hair underneath longer layers. The key to this technique is subtlety, and it must not be overdone.

Shear Over-Comb

When a stylist needs to blend layers of a very short haircut, this technique is put to use. For ladies with super-short sides that taper into longer layers on top, the shear over-comb technique can allow a stylist to create a flawlessly blended haircut free of "lines" that can show up when a haircut is poorly blended. A haircutting comb is placed against the head and shears are used on top of it to cut away any hairs that are longer than neighboring ones to make for a haircut styled to perfection.

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