How to Sanitize Your Lipstick

Lipstick can carry bacteria.

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Lip color can brighten your smile, add polish to your look – and make you sick. Germs and bacteria can live on lipstick. This can spread anything from cold sores to more serious stuff like meningitis. But don’t toss your fave tube just yet. Smart girls simply sanitize their lipstick, ensuring that it goes on just as fresh as it looks.

Soak It


Fill a deep, clean bowl with an inch or so of isopropyl alcohol. A flat, square baking dish is aces for this.


Take the cap off your lipstick and put the lipstick and the cap into the rubbing alcohol.


Soak the lipstick and cap for 30 seconds.


Wipe the lipstick down with an antibacterial wipe and let the cap air dry for five to 10 minutes.

Freeze It


Clean the outside of your lipstick tube with an antibacterial wipe.


Place the lipstick in the freezer with its cap on.


Leave the lipstick in the freezer for at least eight hours or overnight to give germs the cold shoulder.

Things You'll Need


1.Glass bowl

3.Antibacterial wipe

2.Isopropyl alcohol


Tips & Tricks


Sanitize all of your lipsticks on the same day every month to keep them fresh and clean.

Never share lipstick because you can spread diseases as serious as meningitis.


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