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A model rocks Sanctuary Clothing during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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When's the last time you let your inner gypsetter fly? Gypsetter style happens when travel chic meets a certain West-coast-style BOHO. If you didn't know what a gypsetter is, then chances are you haven't heard of Sanctuary. And no, Sanctuary isn't that rad song by The Cult or what Quasimodo mumbled as he limped toward the bell tower. Sanctuary Clothing is an L.A.-based design house that offers a bit of high-style bohemia to women who assert their right to make a statement in their R & R clothes.

The Soul of Sanctuary

Sanctuary Clothing is the style child of Debra Polanco, its founder and designer-in-chieftess. In a world where everything has become global, fashion houses now thrive outside of the motherlands of Paris, Milan and New York. Since 1996, both Polanco and her husband have run Sanctuary Clothing out of the laid-back fashion mecca of Los Angeles.

Design Ethic

Sanctuary describes itself as "a wardrobe staple for the modern girl's closet. Sanctuary's modern take on vintage styling focuses on cloth, wash and detail." For the gal who is eager to slip out of her emotionally restrictive work ensemble and into something that gets her comfy sexy on, Sanctuary is the label. The heart of this ready-to-wear line is in its versatile pieces. There's an easy-as-1-2-3 aspect to Sanctuary. Pair a top with a bottom, throw on a jacket or sweater and you're out the door or on the sofa. No fuss, no muss, just effortless dress.

Piece by Piece

Sanctuary's individual pieces are awash in palettes that are reminiscent of indigenous cultures and exotic safaris and expeditions to parts not-yet-known. Tribal flame stitch details on a dress are paired with a neutral, soft chambray jacket and comfy, but always hip, shoes. Or maybe you need a playful little something-something to throw on while you're feeling up the fruit at the grocery store. Perhaps one of Sanctuary's soft tees tucked inside structured cotton shorts or bum-hugging jeans will fit your fancy, and don't forget to let the hair flow as naturally as the clothes fall around your frame -- no matter its shape. College sweats are a no-no for casual Fridays -- instead pull together one of their signature lace tanks, peace pants and their über-comfortable boyfriend sweater.

Worshipping at the Sanctuary Altar

Although Sanctuary has its Who's Who of devotees such as Jennifer Aniston -- who is a natural in their signature effortless style -- other paparazzi targets such as Ashley Olson, Ashley Greene and Jordan Sparks are also snapped around town sporting the Sanctuary style. SAG cards are not required to seek your own Sanctuary finds, though. The line is typically found at your nearest Bloomingdales, Macy's, Anthropologie and Nordstrom. And chances are you won't have to spend a week's paycheck to give your down time some gypsetter style.

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