Romantic Hairstyles for Women With a Widow's Peak


Your hair is one of the best ways to express your personality and accentuate your features. There are tons of hair styles, lengths and types. One such type is hair that is accentuated with a prominent widow's peak, which gathers to a slight point at the center of your hairline. Some women embrace their peak, while others try to conceal it. Whatever your choice, many options are available to make it look fierce.

High/Low Bun

A bun is one of the most-versatile, flattering and functional hairstyles that benefit practically every hair type, including a widow's peak. When you decide to wear this style, you're opting to embrace and display your widow's peak for all to see. Not only does a high or low bun show off your peak, it's also a beautiful way to put your facial structure and features on display. Whether you decide on a high bun in the center of your head or a low one that rests on the nape of your neck, it does lovely things for your widow's peak.

Soft Waves

Romantic and incredibly feminine, a head full of soft, cascading waves is a good way to show off your widow's-peak hairline without being deliberate. Since those with a widow's peak should avoid center parts, when you wear the soft-wave hairstyle, your part should be one that is deeply to the side of slightly off-center. The process for creating the waves varies, but curling hair and then brushing or finger-combing is a good choice. Or, twist your hair while it is damp, let it set and then unravel it.

Bouffant Ponytail

Equal parts dramatic, fashion-forward and retro, a bouffant hairstyle was definitely made to be noticed. The reason this hairstyle works so well with a widow's peak is because it draws attention away from the pronounced hairline and puts the focus on the crown of the head and its overly full, voluminous shape. To create the bouffant, tease your hair excessively and then shape and mold it to form a rounded shape. Next, place your hair securely in a ponytail at the nape of the neck or off to the side.

Side-Swept Curls

Hairstyles that contain large amounts of curls are always a fabulous way to create drama and accentuate facial features. A head of curls nicely frames the widow's peak for a softer look. To create the side-swept curl look, curl your hair all over in medium- to large-sized curls. Incorporate a deep side part and then finger-comb or brush your curls out to create soft waves. Once your curls are in place, tuck your hair behind your ear and secure it with embellished bobby pins. The end result is a look that brings back memories of old Hollywood glamour.

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