How to Do a Roller Wrap on Ethnic Hair

Roller wrap your ethnic hair to add volume and life to your locks.

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If you have ethnic hair, then you may automatically think that the only way that you can keep your hair looking fabulous is to visit your hair stylist regularly. Well, you're wrong! You can straighten your hair, without the use of flat irons, curlers or a blow out, by doing a roller wrap. A roller wrap adds volume to your hair, while straightening and shaping your otherwise, drab locks. You can wrap your hair at night and wake up looking fierce in the morning.


Wash and condition your hair. Add a little setting lotion to your locks and comb it down with a wide-tooth comb. Be aware, if you use a comb with small teeth, it may yank out your hair, so hide all of those combs before you start this process.


Part your hair in three sections. Clip the top two hair sections up and out of the way. Make a small part in the third hair section.


Comb any knots out of the hair. Place the roller at the end of the hair and wrap the hair around the roller. Roll the hair roller underneath your hair toward your scalp. Clamp the roller in place with the latch or a bobby pin. Continue this process to roll the rest of your hair.


Sit underneath a hair dryer for 30 to 40 minutes to allow the hair to dry and the curls to set. Remove the hair rollers and comb the hair down with a wide tooth-comb. It does not matter how the hair is combed down, as long as it is down.


Make a vertical part on the left side of your head from the middle of your hair down to your ear. Comb all the hair before the part in a circular motion toward your forehead. Continue combing the hair until you meet up with the other side of your head.


Comb the hair on the right hand side toward the left side in a circular motion. Brush all the hair in a full circle. Make sure no hair is left out. Wrap the hair with a silk scarf and head to bed or you can sit underneath a hair dryer for 30 to 40 minutes to allow the hair to set.


Remove the scarf and part the hair down the middle. Style the hair and you're done!

Things You'll Need



3.Setting lotion

5.Wide tooth-comb




4.Medium rollers

6.Oil sheen

8.Hair clips or bobby pins


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