Rockabilly Haircuts for Women With Long Hair

A variety of long cuts can create a sock hop-ready style.

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Your long locks can go retro with rockabilly styles, ranging from long 1940s layers to Bettie Page bangs. Depending upon the cut you choose, your hair can go back in time all the time or you can sport a more modern style, saving your victory rolls and retro styling for concerts and car shows. If you've battled untamed tresses trying to get those vintage rolls and updos to work, the problem may be your haircut, not your hair or your styling skills.

The Bettie Page

If you're looking for an easy and low-maintenance rockabilly 'do, short bangs and long waves can create a Bettie Page style. Keep your bangs trimmed well above your brows, with a slight U-shape or V-shape. You can go light with your bangs for a more modern look or opt for a classic heavy rolled bang. Keep the rest of your hair all one length. Style your tresses simply, adding ribbon bows or pin-up-style flowers to finish your look.

The Middy Cut

If your style runs more 1940s swing dancer than curvy 1950s bombshell, you may want to take the leap into a middy cut. The middy cut is a heavily layered style worn throughout the war years. The hair was traditionally cut into 4-inch-long layers, working in 5-inch-by-1-inch panels from the hairline toward the crown. Each layer was 1 1/2 inches wide from the crown to the nape of the neck. The hair in front of the ears was typically 3 inches long. The longest variation of the middy cut was typically 6 inches long or right around shoulder length, but modern girls may opt for longer locks cut in a middy style. Even a 7-inch to 8-inch middy can be styled into a '40s look easily. The traditional middy cut was short enough to be wartime-practical and long enough to allow for updos and other styles.


Making all one length locks work for rockabilly styles is a bit harder, whether your locks are shoulder length or much longer. If you're unwilling to forgo your length for layers, invest in rollers or rag rollers as well as retro style hair accessories. Long locks can be curled, then rolled into victory rolls -- with the hair curled around the fingers until it reaches the scalp, forming a high roll on the head -- or styled into a high, bouncy 1950s ponytail.

Modern Long Layers

If you opt for modern long layers, you can still create a retro rockabilly style without going for a middy cut or Bettie bangs. Long side bangs can be curled and waved into a Veronica Lake style, or you can create faux bangs or victory rolls with your long layers. Your layers may even help you achieve the curls required for rockabilly styles of the 1940s and 1950s.

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