Risks of Squeezing Pimples

Don't even think about popping that pimple!

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Your first instinct upon spotting a blemish might be to squeeze that little -- or big -- thing into an oblivion. However, your mom was right -- that probably isn't the best solution. Although squeezing a zit may give you instant results, the other long-term effects that stem from it likely aren't worth it. After you find out the risks of popping a pimple, you'll likely think again before doing so.

They'll Hang Around Longer

On average, pimples typically get packing after two or three days. But when you try to squeeze one to death, you actually make it stay around longer. The dirt and bacteria on your fingers will likely transfer to your skin and pimple, adding more material to clog your pores. This added grime makes the pimple want to take up residence for even longer on your skin.

They'll Recruit More Friends

You likely know that popping a pimple often brings its nasty insides out on your skin. When that bacteria hits your skin, it often likes to settle down into your pores, thereby causing additional blemishes. So while you might think you are putting an end to the blemishes by squeezing them, you are actually causing more to come and wreak havoc on your complexion.

They'll Come Back

You would think that squeezing a pimple would send it away, but that's not always the case. Popping and picking at a blemish can actually loosen your skin's cell lining, which causes the oil to fall deeper down into your pore. A few days later, you'll probably have another blemish in the same spot. Therefore, the best thing to do is leave that thing alone and allow your cleanser, toner and spot treatment to send it on its merry way.

They'll Cause Scarring

Popping pimples often creates scabs. Scabs on other parts of your body usually cause scars, and the same thing is true for scabs on your face. Instead of having a pimple on your skin, now you'll likely have a dark spot to take its place. Pimples usually go away after a few days. Scars are quite different and like to hang around for a while. Common sense should tell you to let nature take its course on those pimples.

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