How to Rinse Shampoo Out of Your Hair

Rinse all the shampoo from your hair to avoid product build up.

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Don't get caught in the rain with shampoo still in your hair - it may result in an embarrassing moment and soap bubbles and rain in public do not mesh. Although it may seem simple, rinsing shampoo from your hair is an important task to complete accurately, before you style your hair. If you are in rush, you may not rinse all the shampoo from your mane, which may cause bubbles, product build up or an embarrassing moment. Take a few extra minutes to rinse your hair completely, after you perform a shampooing.


Cover your clothes with a large towel or put on one of your ex-boyfriend's old shirts. Turn on the faucet and run a stream of warm water. Place your head underneath the faucet. Turn on the sprayer function on the faucet (if applicable).


Run your fingers through your hair to break up the layers in your mane (give yourself a mini massage). Move your head back and forth through the water to reach hard areas, such as the nape of your hair, behind your ears and both sides of your hairline.


Turn your head sideways and run the water along your hairline. Try to avoid getting water in your ears and close your eyes. Water in the eyes could cause them to turn red, and if you have a hot date, you don't want to scare him away once you look up.


Massage your hairline, while the water is penetrating your scalp to remove embedded shampoo residue. Complete this step on the other side of your head as well.


Continue moving your head through the water until you notice no more bubbles are forming or the water runs clear. This should be the only time that you open your eyes while shampooing your hair.


Add a conditioning product to your hair and allow the product to sit for 5 to 30 minutes. Complete the steps outlined above to rinse out the conditioner. Dry your hair with a large towel and style as normal.

Things You'll Need


1.Large towel or smock

2.Conditioner (if applicable)


Tips & Tricks


If you are washing your hair after a perm, use a color-code neutralizing shampoo to alert you to areas of your hair that still has the relaxer product remaining.


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