How to Get Rid of Static on a Dress

Keep static cling from happening to you with a few easy steps.

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Static cling has a way of ruining your day. A dress with a static problem clings to you in all the wrong places, which is not only uncomfortable, but embarrassing. Don't move your static-prone dress to the back of your closet; instead, wear it with pride. Use items you probably already have around your home to prevent static cling.


Spray a light misting of hairspray and then step into the spray. The hairspray controls the static cling, but should not be sprayed directly onto your dress to avoid stains and sticky messes.


Rub a dryer sheet back and forth across the affected area of the dress to remove static. Dryer sheets store easily in a pocket or purse in case the static returns.


Pin a steel safety pin to the inside of your dress in a hidden spot, such as the hem. This helps discharge electricity, which causes static.


Add vinegar to your wash in the rinse cycle when washing static-prone clothing. Use vinegar in place of fabric softener, and use the same amount of vinegar as you would your normal softener. This helps keep static from occurring at all.


Apply static guard to your clothing. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product's packaging to avoid damage to your dress.

Things You'll Need



3.Steel safety pin

5.Static guard

2.Dryer sheet



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