How to Get Rid of Scars With Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera

Treat a wound with tea tree oil or aloe vera as soon as possible to prevent scarring.

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Unless you're a romance novel hero, you probably don't think that a scar is a mark of distinction. As vain as it seems, you just want that dark mark to go away as soon as possible. Don't run to the makeup counter for concealer quite yet. Instead, head to the health food store for some tea tree oil or aloe vera. These natural skincare products are good for your pocketbook, lovely for your skin and spell bad news for nasty scars.

How Scars Form

A scar is the product of the body's healing process. According to the website for Texas-based Alford Facial Plastic Surgery, scarring is "an exaggerated healing response that interferes with proper wound healing." The increased blood flow to the area then creates that lovely, permanent brown scarring that you know and love. The chance of scarring increases when you pop a zit, or scratch a wound, so don't do it! Quick use of the right skin care product minimizes any ensuing damage, but the best scar treatment is to not get a scar in the first place.

Aloe Vera and Scars

Aloe vera works great as a preventative measure, but doesn't do much after the damage is done. It helps minimize inflammation and also creates a film that keeps away dirt and other infection-causing nasties. Where it can really shine is in preventing acne scars. Just a bit of aloe vera on an angry acne spot can take down the redness, cool the pain and disinfect the blemish. This, in turn, helps to prevent a scar from forming. To get the most out of aloe vera, use it as a preventative measure, and don't look for much change after the fact.

Tea Tree Oil and Scarring

Tea tree oil is a go-to ingredient in acne facial care. Just a little bit packs quite the antibacterial punch, so it's a powerful treatment for problem skin. It's another product that really shines before a scar appears, because it stops inflammation and helps prevent scar tissue formation. As a solution to already existing scars, it simply won't deliver. The first minute a pimple or cut appears, zap it with some tea tree oil. It will sting, but put on your big girl pants and grin through the pain. Use it regularly as the wound heals, and you'll see less permanent damage at the end of the process.

Buying the Products

For the most effective tea tree oil and aloe vera therapy, you need to buy products that actually contain tea tree oil and aloe vera. Read the bottle carefully to know exactly what you're getting, and purchase from a reputable dealer who knows her stuff. For pure aloe vera, simply buy an aloe plant and keep it in the house. They don't require much care and live for a very long time. When the need arises, snap off a leaf and harvest the gel with some squeezing. Natural skin care can work for you, but don't fall for any funny business when it comes to buying quality merchandise.

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