How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under My Chin & Neck

Complete a few simple exercises daily to get rid of sagging chin and neck skin.

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No one likes to look in the mirror and see sagging skin under their chin. As women age or add a pound or two, it's natural for loose skin to head south. Fortunately, you can combine a healthy diet with a few quick exercises to firm up sagging chin and neck skin. You don't need special equipment; just carve out 10 minutes or so each day to complete the exercises. Be diligent and before long, you can get rid of the turkey neck.


"Sit up straight" is more than something your mama used to say; it's part of an overall strategy to reduce sagging skin beneath your chin. Good posture can play a key role in having a naturally firm chin and neckline. Always sit or stand with your head held straight. This habit will strengthen the muscles in your neck, which can eventually lead to a taut chin line.


Stand with your shoulders up, your back straight, and your head facing forward comfortably. Keeping your mouth tightly closed, slowly tilt your head back as far as you can, but don't strain. Feel your neck muscles stretch as you count to 10, relax and then slowly bring your head upright. Work your way up to 10 of these head tilt exercises in a row.


Stand with your back straight, shoulders up and your head facing forward naturally. Using your chin muscles, push your lower lip upward as far as possible. Count to 10, and then relax your lip. Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Stand with good posture and your head comfortably straight. Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue as far as possible. Hold the position and count to 10. Bring your tongue back in and close your mouth. Repeat this exercise daily, eventually working up to 10 in a row.


Sit in an upright position with good posture. Tilt your head back as far as comfortably possible. Open your mouth wide and then close it; you will feel your neck and chin muscles stretch. Gradually work up to 10 neck muscle stretches in a row.


Sit upright with good posture. Slowly tilt your head back; keep your eyes open and your lips closed. Pretend you have are working a stick of gun and begin a chewing movement. Continue chewing for up to 10 seconds. Relax and slowly bring your head forward. Repeat this exercise 20 times daily.

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