How to Get Rid of Really Bad Acne Naturally

Clear up your breakouts naturally.

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Everyone gets a zit or two now and then, but some people deal with really bad acne on a daily basis. If you're struggling with breakouts and don't want to use processed washes and creams, try an effective natural technique to banish those pesky pimples.


Drink lots of water. It keeps you healthy, and staying hydrated can also help to reduce breakouts. If your skin is too dry, cells won't shed properly, which means they'll block your pores and actually cause worse acne.


Stay away from caffeine. Yes, coffee is a great pick-me-up and a daily staple for lots of people, but try cutting out your daily cup of joe. Replace it with decaffeinated coffee or tea. If you absolutely have to have your coffee fix, don't feel guilty. Just cut back a little. According to Karen Jesset, author of "Clear Skin and The Complete Skin Care Program," caffeine causes stress levels to rise, and stress is a direct cause of acne.


Fight acne while you catch some z's simply by tying your hair back before you go to bed. Your hair is full of oils, dirts and residues from hair products, all of which will clog up your pores. When you sleep with loose hair, it rubs against your face, which aggravates acne, so simply tie your hair back before going to bed. Talk about beauty sleep!


Get some fresh air. Sunlight contains vitamin D, which promotes skin health, according to author Karen Jesset. Even if the sun isn't shining, get outdoors. You'll still get some Vitamin D even through those clouds and fresh air always does a body good. It reduces stress, which leads to breakouts. So go for a stroll and enjoy the outdoors.


If you've got the bucks to spend try a new, natural spa technique. It's called salt therapy, and it's touted to help reduce acne among a host of other medical problems. Each session costs about $100. You simply relax in a room that's covered in salt. Every few seconds a burst of ionized salt is permeated through the air. The salt acts as an exfoliant, which sheds dead skin cells. Salt also has great antibacterial effects that help keep skin healthy, according to Dr. Richard Leinhart, the medical director of Halo/Air.

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