How to Get Rid of Pimples on My Inner Thigh

Keep your thighs clear of acne for soft, comfortable skin.

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Pimples on the inner thigh can be such a pain -- literally! Between the heat of your legs and the friction of your pants rubbing against your delicate skin, it's no wonder that inner thigh acne can get irritated and swollen. Stop the problem before it's an eyesore and you'll avoid large, infected pimples marring your thighs. Remember that your thighs don't get as much air as your face, so you'll have to take a different approach to ditching the problem.


Ditch the tight jeans, no matter how tight your rear. Having cloth rubbing against your pimples all day may irritate them or even cause them to get infected. Try wearing loose, cotton pants that breathe. When you're at home, relax in shorts with your thighs apart so the area with the pimples can get air and stay dry. Just kick your legs up on the table and relax with a glass of water.


Use a body wash made to prevent and treat acne on your legs. If you don't need it on the rest of your body, switch off -- but make sure you apply it to your thighs in the shower. Don't scrub it in with a vengeance -- a light hand goes a long way to not irritating your pimples even more. For that matter, make sure you're showering every day -- especially after going to the gym or engaging in other activities that make you sweat.


Apply a cream with benzoyl peroxide to the pimples on your thighs. Don't let the cream get on any fabric -- which means no getting dressed until it's dry -- because benzoyl peroxide bleaches anything it comes into contact with. You can get a benzoyl peroxide cream at 10 percent strength over the counter. Anything higher requires a prescription.


Use an exfoliating scrub one or two times per week to gently remove dead skin from your thighs. Dead skin can clog your pores, making them more likely to develop pimples. Gentle exfoliation may not treat acne you have on your thighs at that moment, but it will make future acne way less likely to appear.


See your doctor if you can't make the acne go away on your own. Inner thigh pimples that recur and resist treatment could be the sign of a bigger problem. Worse case scenario, you can get some medication to banish the pimples and restore smooth, radiant skin. Best case scenario? Clear thighs and a date with that cute nurse.

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