How to Get Rid of Pimples in Your Ear

Keep your ears healthy by clearing up ear pimples.

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Pimples in your ear? Yuck! Acne can attack virtually anywhere on the body, even those useful sensory organs on either side of your head. In general, acne sucks, but it's a lot worse when it's in the ear because it's hard to reach and it's pretty painful. Pimples in your ear are caused by many of the same things as facial or body acne. Your pores could be blocked or, if you've been picking at your ears, a scratch could have easily turned into a painful boil. Get rid of those icky bumps in your ears and start wearing your hair up again.


Moisten a cotton swab with warm water. You usually use cotton swabs to clean your ears, but using them with an ear pimple will not only aggravate the zit, it will also be extremely painful. Wetting the swab with warm water helps with the pain and also helps soften the surface of the pimple, just like a pimple on your face.


Gently clean the outside of your ear just outside the ear hole. Don't stick the swab into your ear hole, though. Doing this can cause wax to push back into your ear and also introduce more bacteria -- which could cause more zits -- by upsetting the natural migration of wax out of your ears.


Dampen a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe the outside of your ear oh so gently. The alcohol will help dry out the pimple and prevent oils from clogging your pores.


Dab a teensy amount of tea tree oil or sulfur cream -- typical types of acne treatment -- onto the pimple before going to bed. In the morning, gently swab out any crusties left over from the cream.


It might take a few days to get rid of zits in your ears, and even that won't stop them from rearing their ugly heads if you are acne-prone. If you notice that regular cleaning and simple acne treatments aren't working for your ear pimples, go to a dermatologist. Your ears are super sensitive, and overdoing it will cause more harm than good.

Things You'll Need


1.Cotton swab

3.Rubbing alcohol

2.Cotton ball

4.Tea tree oil or sulfur cream


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