How to Get Rid of Perm Smell on Clothes

Nix perm odors from clothes after you leave the salon.

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When you leave the salon after getting a perm, do the sniff test. Yeah, you expect to smell that perm smell on your curly locks for a while, but if you smell it on your clothes, it's time to act fast. Get rid of that obnoxious perm smell from your clothes with a simple home treatment that will neutralize those strong perm odors. No need to advertise to the world that you just left the salon -- nix the perm odors and have fun with your new 'do.


Try a quick fix right as you walk out of the salon to nix the odors fast. Spray fabric refresher spray onto your clothes where you smell the perm smell. A light spritz with the fabric refresher spray may neutralize the perm smell from your clothing and let you get on with your day without carrying the perm smell with you everywhere you go. Be prepared to reapply the spray again as needed throughout the day if the perm smell returns.


Remove the clothing when you get home to get to the root of the smell. Place the garments into the washing machine if they are machine washable. Add laundry detergent and between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup of baking soda to the washing machine. Set the water temperature and wash cycle as appropriate for the clothes you're washing, and let the machine progress through the entire cycle.


Take the clothes out of the washing machine after the cycle finishes. Head outside to a clothesline, if possible. If you can dry the clothes outside in the fresh air, you might be able to cut any lingering perm smell.


Toss the clothes in the dryer if drying outside isn't an option. Throw in a fabric softener sheet to help get rid of any lingering perm odors on the clothes. When you remove your clothes, they'll smell like the dryer sheet and not a stinky perm.


Take your clothes to a dry cleaner if they are not machine washable. Be sure to tell the dry cleaner about the perm odors so your clothing can get special deodorizing attention, if possible.

Things You'll Need


1.Fabric refresher spray

3.Laundry detergent


2.Baking soda


6.Fabric softener sheet


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