How to Get Rid of Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots

New boots can give your feet a workout.

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It's called "wearing in," not" swearing in," so how come that sweet pair of leather cowboy boots is really trying your patience? If boots got you slipping up, slipping down, preventing you from walking straight, you've got a case of heel slippage. The bad news: if it doesn't stop despite your best efforts, those hot new boots aren't gonna fit you right, ever. The good news: heel slippage is normal for new boots, and in most cases goes away when the boots are broken in.


Purchase boots that fit you right in the first place: boots with a too-large instep will continue to have heel slippage once they're broken in. Pay attention to how the instep feels in the boots. You want to feel some pressure there, but not so much that the shoe is tight and uncomfortable. Look at how the leather passes over your ankle toward your heel. If the leather wrinkles lightly, you have a good fit. If there's a lot of extra material that bulges or waves, it's too large.


Put on bulky socks and slip your feet into the cowboy boots. Wear them around the house for a couple of days. Since the main cause of heel slippage is due to the newness of the shoe and the stiff leather, a gentle breaking-in reduces that excess movement. Evaluate the shoes after a couple days of breaking them in. You should notice your heel slips less.


Try the boots with heel boot socks, which offer extra padding at the ball and heel of the foot. If your foot was still slipping after the initial wearing-in, this can help.


Get arch support insoles for the boots if you still notice fit problems. This will put your foot into alignment in the boot and can cut down on slippage.

Things You'll Need


1.Bulky socks

3.Arch support insoles

2.Boot heel socks


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