How to Get Rid of Hair Bump Scars

Don't let shaving stop you from showing off those sexy gams.

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As if having an ingrown hair isn't bad enough, some ladies are left with reminders of their painful experience in the form of hair bump scars. These scars are typically dark and small and can make even the most confident diva doubt her appearance. Ingrown hairs are the results of curved hair that can't quite make its way through the skin and grows back in on itself. They can occur just about anywhere hair grows, but typically make an appearance in your bikini area, which can make wearing a bathing suit even more daunting that it already is. Getting rid of the scars takes time, but it can be done.


Slather on some cocoa butter. Almost anyone who has ever had a scar has probably heard of how cocoa butter has an uncanny ability to limit its appearance. The clever cocoa bean contains cocoa mass polyphenol, which can prevent your skin from producing a substance that creates scars or makes them worse. So not only does the rich and creamy cocoa butter get your skin smelling delicious and leave it feeling luscious and smooth, but it also improves its condition, leaving you confident and ready to rock those barely there bikinis. Rub the soothing stuff one at least twice a day, and you should begin to see that scar fade into the sunset.


Reach for the scar gels. A variety of over-the-counter products are available in helping to get rid of your hair bump scars. Most are pH-balanced and alcohol-free, so you don't have to worry about the cream drying out your already sensitive skin. Over time, the nifty lotion or cream will reduce the appearance of the scar, keeping your skin moisturized and getting you catwalk ready.


Scrub the scars. Exfoliating the hair bump scars can remove the offending darkened skin from the scarred area to allow your sultry skin to peek through. Use an all-natural scrub that contains small, rounded beads once daily to slough off the skin and fade those unattractive scars.

Things You'll Need


1.Cocoa butter


2.Scar cream


Tips & Tricks


To reduce the chances of developing ingrown hairs, apply a soothing and nourishing shaving cream to the area in which you want to shave and allow it to soak for about five minutes before beginning.

Always shave in the direction in which the hair grows. Shaving against the grain increases your risk of ingrown hairs.


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