How to Get Rid of Gasoline Smell on Your Skin

For protection, put on disposable plastic gloves before partaking at the pump.

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Ugh! Smelly spills can saturate your hands during a routine visit to the gas pump. Forget about frantically scrubbing your hands with soap and water to stop the stink, sister -- it's a futile effort because the oily residue has embedded itself in your skin. Before you bust out the sandpaper and start abrading your derm, there are some other things you can try to banish the acrid odor. Yes, your skin may get a little red and raw, but if you get rid of the assaulting stench, it's worth it.

Go for the Grit


Wet your skin and grab that gritty granule cleaner for extra scrubbing power.


Put a dollop of grit into your palm and scrub up your derm. Pay special attention to the area underneath your nails and all the folds of your skin where the offensive gasoline stench may be hiding out. Power scrub with a fingernail brush.


Rinse with cold water and take a sniff. If it's not better, mix up a paste of 1/4 cup of anti-grease detergent and 2 tbsp. of water. Scrub using the paste.

Baking Soda Solution


Concoct a paste of 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 tbsp. water. Mix it up well.


Slather your hands with your homemade cleaner. Rub your hands together and get the paste all over, especially under your nails. Enlist the help of a fingernail brush if you have it handy.


Rinse your skin under cold, running water to get rid of the paste and the annoying stink, too.

Things You'll Need


1.Gritty soap

3.1/4 cup powdered anti-grease detergent

5.Cold, running water

7.1/4 cup baking soda

2.Fingernail brush

4.2 tbsp.water


8.2 tbsp. white vinegar


Tips & Tricks


If you're on your way somewhere and you don't have time for involved cleaning, grab an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and slather it all over your hands. Once it evaporates, do it again and again. This just might quash the smell enough to make it bearable.

Cut a lemon in half and rub it vigorously into your skin. Get the juice into all those cracks and crevices and underneath your nails for the best damage control. Eucalyptus oil will also work.

Put that old toothbrush to work if you don't have a fingernail brush handy.

Raid the stash of your hubby, boyfriend or brother for mechanic hand-cleaner. It can work wonders.

Harsh cleaners such as mechanic hand cleaner or an anti-grease detergent paste should be followed up with a thorough washing of soap and water to remove skin-irritating residue.


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