How to Get Rid of Dry Skin Bumps

Use moisturizer frequently to prevent dry skin bumps.

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Dry bumps all over your body can make your skin feel like sandpaper. The tiny bumps may be harmless medically, but they sure feel crummy -- sort of like you've been eating cookies in bed and the crumbs attaches themselves surgically to your skin. You've probably inherited the tendency to develop the annoying skin condition, but you can take measures to get rid of the bumps and enjoy smooth, silky skin again.


Use a moisturizer daily that contains lactic acid or urea. The American Academy of Dermatology reports the creams help your skin retain moisture, which will keep the bumps at bay. Dry skin bumps occur because of dead skin cells that become trapped under the skin when it gets too dry.


Rub exfoliating body scrubs on the areas where the bumps appear. Gently massage the scrubs into your skin to slough off the dead skin cells. You don't have to scrub with any pressure that could irritate your sensitive skin. Instead, be patient and use a wash with tiny pellets in it every day, and you'll eventually see --- and feel --- a difference.


Wash in lukewarm water. Hot water tends to dry out the skin and create the perfect palette for the bumps to grow back. Take a cool bath if the bumps become itchy, which often happens in particularly dry environments and in the winter, when the air inside tends to be drier.


Consider getting a chemical peel to remove the entire top layer of skin where the bumps are most prevalent. The procedure may leave your skin red and raw for a bit, but the new skin cells will grow back smooth and give you an opportunity to start a regular skin care regimen to prevent the bumps.

Things You'll Need



3.Creamy shave lotion

2.Exfoliating scrub

4.Chemical peel


Tips & Tricks


Apply a thick, creamy shave lotion when you shave your legs or underarms, areas on which the bumps often congregate. Leave the lotion on for about three minutes and then make sure you shave in the direction the hair grows. Use a fresh blade regularly --- about every five to seven times you shave --- to prevent skin irritations that can create more bumps.

While scrubbing and moisturizing will relieve the bumps, you've got to stick with the regimen because any measures you take only provide temporary relief. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 40 percent of the population lives with the flesh-colored or red skin bumps, and no treatment is permanent.


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